How to choose the right laser marking machine: three key considerations

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In simple terms, laser marking is a process that uses a concentrated beam of light to create precise and permanent marks on a series of surfaces, including materials such as steel, titanium, copper, ceramics, glass, plastic, and wood.

The laser marking machine can create marks such as serial numbers, barcodes, and graphics. When choosing a laser marking machine, you should consider several things.

Here are three key considerations you need to know.

Consideration #1: Does the UV or fiber laser marking machine meet your requirements better?

The two main types of laser marking machines are UV lasers and fiber lasers. Both look similar, and both can be engraved with a variety of materials. But UV laser marking machine can engrave more materials than fiber laser machine. However, the power of the UV machine for engraving and engraving on metal materials is relatively small.

Although these two machines look similar in appearance, the technologies they use are different. They use different power sources. UV lasers must be cooled by water coolers, while fiber lasers must be cooled by air.

UV laser technology also allows greater versatility and capacity for marking on different materials (including non-metals), and it uses automated systems such as linear guide engraving and rotary engraving.

Although the UV laser marking system has many advantages over fiber laser technology and is the most widely used form of laser marking, fiber laser marking does have many advantages, including the ability to engrave on various metal surfaces at high speed.

Consider #2: What materials do you want to mark?

Since the UV laser marking machine can mark more materials, it is often the first choice. But your choice of machine depends largely on the exact material you need to engrave. The following are the key materials you can use on each machine.

UV laser can mark: · some metals · some stones · all plastics · all glasses · all papers · all leathers · all woods · all ceramics

Fiber laser can mark: · all metals · some plastics · some stones · some leathers · some papers

Consideration #3: Know the difference between marking, engraving and etching

Although terms such as laser marking, engraving, and etching are often used interchangeably by laymen, there are differences between the three methods. Before you choose a laser marking machine, it is important to understand the difference between the three marking processes to ensure that you buy a machine that suits your needs.

Laser marking is achieved by slowly moving a low-power beam across the surface using a method called discoloration. The laser heats the material to oxidize the surface of the material and make it black. The surface is then annealed using low temperature. This process creates high-contrast marks without causing any damage to the material.

The laser engraving process involves removing the surface of the material with a laser beam to expose the cavity, and then displaying the image. During the engraving process, the laser generates high heat, which causes the material to evaporate, leaving a cavity on the surface. Laser engraving is a fast process, although to create deeper marks, the process needs to be repeated many times.

Laser etching is a subset of laser engraving. The process involves the heat of the beam melting the surface of the material. When the molten material expands, it produces raised marks. Laser etching can be performed on bare, anodized or electroplated metal surfaces as well as ceramics and polymers.

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