Fredericksburg restaurant inspection: 36 violations in one location | Fredericksburg, Virginia Patch

2021-11-24 04:45:16 By : Ms. Chen Yu

Fredericksburg, Virginia-In the most recent round of restaurant inspections in the Fredericksburg area, 22 different locations were listed as violations. The inspection was carried out between November 10th and 16th.

As coronavirus restrictions continue to fluctuate statewide, health inspectors are returning to inspect restaurants in person. However, certain visits, such as visits for training purposes, can be conducted in a virtual way.

Restaurant violations usually focus on factors that may cause food contamination. The local health department can also conduct a re-inspection to ensure that possible violations have been corrected.

For each observed violation, the inspector will provide specific corrective actions that can be completed to correct the violation. Sometimes these are simple, and violations can be corrected during the inspection process.

According to the inspection results, the health department can take a variety of measures. They can issue permits for restaurants to continue serving food, they can arrange follow-up inspections to determine whether violations have been corrected, or they can temporarily close an establishment until certain issues are resolved.

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The following are the latest violations listed by the Rappahannock District Health Department:

The following locations have routine or follow-up visits by the health department, but there are no records of violations.