Nick Cannon attended the host Triad Combat on Saturday

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Arlington, Texas, November 23, 2021 (Universal News Agency)-The Treller Fight Club announced that it has joined the popular comedian, rapper, actor and TV presenter of the hot masked singer TV series Nick. Cannon. Fans learn about his work from the American Got Talent Show, the Nick Cannon Show and his popular Wild'N Out series. Mr. Cannon will serve as the emcee of the first TRIAD COMBAT performance, which will be broadcast live on Saturday, November 27th at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, and will be streamed globally through FITE pay-per-view viewing. PPV is priced at $19.99, and the new option is available as part of a TrillerVerz subscription for $2.99 ​​per month. 

TRIAD COMBAT will be produced by the award-winning NIGEL LYTHGOE, TRILLER FIGHT CLUB dreamer, in addition to the producers and creators behind American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. “Nick Cannon is effortless from movies, comedy stages to hosting TV shows. Mr. Lythgoe said that since I saw him hosting America’s Got Talent, I’ve always wanted to work with him. “At this time, through the introduction. "Masked Singer" Nick proved to be the best presenter on TV. I am glad that he is now the host of TRIAD COMBAT. "

Advance ticket prices for events in the Dallas area are $300, $200, $125, $85, and $50, and can be purchased at and Ticketmaster. Globe Life Field is located at 734 Stadium Drive, Arlington, TX 76011. The event will also include a complete concert by the international music icon Metallica. Metallica is currently playing for millions of loyal fans around the world for 4 years and is known as the best live hard rock/heavy metal band in the world. 

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Triad Combat is a revolutionary new combat team sport. It combines boxing and MMA rules in a radical and fast-paced way. Fighters compete in a two-minute match in a specially designed triangle ring, in which professional boxers and professional integrated Fighters compete. The specific motto of using cross gloves to balance the playing field between the two sports is to provide boxing and MMA fighters with a flat battlefield, with the ball allowed, in which no opponent is bigger. The advantages. 

It was also announced today that a new Triad Combat fighting commentator and former UFC Hall of Fame member Bas Rutten will be added. He will join Triller Fight Club’s most popular Sean Wheelock, Ray Flores, Spanish commentator Ernesto Amador and the beloved ring Work with the duty announcer, Michael Buffer. Joining this talented broadcast team are music and pop culture icons Fat Joe, Eric B. and Crimefaces, adding their special commentary.

The captain of the legendary team has now been set up as a triad fight, because each group of boxing and mixed martial arts players will score points for the team participating in this event:

The boxing team will be led by the former two-time heavyweight boxing world champion Shannon "Let's GO Champ" Briggs. The captain of the MMA team will be former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton'Rampage' Jackson.

Briggs’ outstanding victories throughout his career include his defeat of Siarhei Liakhovich in 2006's “Best Fight of the Year” and his defeat of boxing legend and Hall of Fame member George Foreman in 1997. He is constantly shown as one of the most difficult fighters in the department's legacy, as he is internationally renowned for his impressive 53 knockout matches in his 60 career victories. 

Jackson has a brilliant career at the UFC, beating Chuck Liddell, Wandley Silva and Dan Henderson and becoming one of their most popular superstars. He also won the Bellator Season 10 Light Heavyweight Championship, cementing his legend as one of the most exciting fighters in MMA history. 

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Headlining Triad Combat is a nine-round weight between two-time UFC heavyweight world champion Frank Mill in Las Vegas, Nevada, and two-time heavyweight boxing world champion challenger Kublat "Cobra" Plev from Sofia, Bulgaria. Level battle. Mir holds the record for the most completions in UFC history (13) and the record for the most wins in the UFC heavyweight group (8). With a 28-2 record and 14 knockouts, Pulev's only loss in his outstanding career was the world championship battle against Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua. 

Former UFC superstar Matt Mitrione from Milwaukee, Wisconsin will join forces with Alexander'The Great' Flores (Alexander'The Great') Flores) Seven rounds in the heavyweight competition. In addition to very successful results in the UFC and Bellator, Mitrione also played for the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings in the NFL. Severe Flores of Roland Heights, California, has an 18-3-1 record and has been eliminated 16 times as a professional boxer. 

Former UFC star Mike Perry from Orlando, Florida played seven scheduled rounds in the middleweight heavyweight competition and met former field-tested boxing veteran Michael Hales in the triangle ring. Perry has been fighting in the UFC since 2016. He defeated Mickey Gall, Alex Oliveira, Paul Field, Jack Ellenberg and Alex Reye S. He won the purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which helped him to set a mixed martial arts record of 14-8 with 11 knockout rounds. The Seals have a boxing record of 25-3-0 and 19 knockout rounds, facing many world-class boxers, including Eled Alvarez and Edwin Rodriguez. 

In the welterweight competition, Bellator MMA veteran Derek "Stallion" Campos (20-11 in MMA) of Lubbock, Texas will play against Texas in the scheduled seven rounds. Austin's interstate opponent Brian Villa fought. Vera has created a 28-17-0 (18KO) record in the 17 years of his career, including defeating world champions Andy Lee, Sergio Mora (twice) and Serhi Ziqilu Gram, and the controversial defeat to Julio’s decisive defeat to Cesar Chavez Jr. 

In the middleweight, Russian mixed martial arts player Albert Tumenov (MMA 22-4) will compete with professional boxer Scott "Cuccio" Sigmund ( 35-15-1, 18 KOs) against. Tumenov won five consecutive games, defeating top fighters from Russia and Kazakhstan. Sigmund has faced numerous world champions and world-class competitors, including boxing legends Roy Jones Jr., Kelly Pavlik, Luis Arias and Matt Viko Robov.  

In the five rounds of featherweight competition, Jacob "Gerber Baby" Thrall of Topeka, Kansas, clashed with Henry "Killer" Gigliotti of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Thrall maintained a record of 6-5-1 with two knockouts in MMA, while Gigliotti entered the battle with a total score of 8-3, with three knockouts. 

The Triad Combat event will be conducted in North America through all traditional PPV platforms, led by iNDEMAND, including cable, satellite, and telecommunications, with a price of $19.95 per viewing, and will be conducted globally through the streaming media listed below. ****The complete Metallica concert main fighting event will be exclusively broadcast on and based on the following content****

 **How ​​to watch the triad battle event on November 27th-full concert**

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