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2021-11-24 04:46:41 By : Ms. Lara wen

HÜBNER Photonics has introduced a new wavelength in the Cobolt Tor series of high-performance, compact, air-cooled, Q-switched lasers. Cobolt Tor XE 532 nm provides 0.25 mJ of energy per pulse at a repetition rate of up to 1 kHz in a compact laser head containing all drive electronics. Cobolt Tor XE is designed to be integrated into instruments for marking, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), lidar, and photoacoustic microscopy applications.

Cobolt Tor XE 532 nm uses the complex laser cavity design features of the Cobolt Tor series to achieve a unique combination of compact size and performance: kHz repetition rate, short pulse length (1-3 ns) and excellent pulse-to-pulse stability (jitter< 2 us) Passively Q-switched laser used in TEM00 beam. In addition, through advanced and fully integrated control electronics, it is possible to use external or internal trigger signals or a combination of both to trigger transmissions from bursts or bursts up to 1 kHz.

These lasers are manufactured using proprietary HTCure technology, in a compact and hermetically sealed package, are extremely immune to various environmental conditions, and have excellent reliability. Lasers manufactured using HTCure technology can withstand multiple 60 G mechanical shocks during operation without any signs of performance degradation. They can be exposed to extreme temperatures (>100 °C) and are not sensitive to pressure and humidity.

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